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Insem 2/Stork OTC

We did our second insem this am. We used the Stork this time instead of the other night.
I am in no way affiliated with the Stork otc my thoughts on it are my own and not meant as medical advice
Using the Stork was relatively easy. There are two parts, the collection cup (which has a condom thing we obviously didn’t use) and the wand. There are like three buttons you push/pull, it was a little overwhelming as to omg what if I hit the wrong button at the wrong time! But my girlfriend has no such worries about it, and of course she’s in charge of all “plunger pushing”. And they’re are plenty of how-to videos online as to how it works.
(My friend, who plans to use the stork as well, told me that watching the videos was like watching porn. Sweetie, you are watching the wrooooong porn!)
So, sperm goes in the little reservoir at the bottom of the cup. You rest it on the top of the wand, pull the bottom of the wand until it clicks shut trapping the sperm and cup inside the wand.
Insert wand and click two different buttons which opens the wand up setting the cup/sperm against your cervix and then releasing the cup so you can pull out the wand.
Easy enough. Now it’s just hanging out in there with a string, not unlike a tampon to be pulled out after no more than 6 hours.
I guess it’s like a soft cup, which I have no experience with. It feels a little odd. Sometimes I can feel it, like a mal adjusted tampon. I’ve tried readjusting a little but I think it’s as good as it’s going to get and it really isn’t bothering me.
I honestly haven’t considered whether I’ll use this again. Next cycle we plan to do an in office iui if we need to so we have some time to figure it out.
I feel pretty good about everything (Also terrified). Happy 2 week wait!