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A:2ww and M:cd3

A: Tomorrow is the last day of my 2ww. I’ve been testing out: Negative. I thiiink I have two tests left. After emailing with the dr I will be switching from Clomid to Letrazole. But I can’t until I meet with her at the end of January. Progesterone (and pms) is making me bitchy. Either my girlfriend is insane and pissing me off, or I’m just perceiving it that way. I’m trying to be nice and hold it together, but sometimes you just gotta spend a whole day crying, you know?

M: My gf is on Cd 3. (This is the first time in life a year that I can remember our cycles being so close) As of today we’re going ahead with her this cycle. So next week we buy sperm (using the same donor we’ve used for me). I believe she usually ovulates around day 16. She’s always been super consistent, I hope it stays that way. Next week we also tour two schools for her to get her pharmacy degree.

(Written yesterday, no period yet and I forgot to test today)

Blood results

Today the nurse called me to say they got my results. I saw the numbers but they meant nothing to me, but to her they meant pcos.
Her advice? “Yeah, so if you could go ahead and have more regular periods that would be helpful” and I was instantly filled with rage. Mostly bc I’m a crazy, rage filled person.
I knooooooow she meant “with the help of the Metformin and Progesterone” but it still irritated me, like, oh wow, shorter period?! I never thought of that!
So Wednesday I have a baseline ultrasound and Friday I have an hsg.
Then I have to wait until April to talk about Letrozole (?) I haven’t looked it up yet, I told her I couldn’t do Clomid so I’m assuming it’s a less horrible alternative?
April is like forever away! Fooooreeeever! But I’m pretty confident I’ll have lost 20 pounds by then, another thing she wanted me to do. So otherwise it’s just being patient. I’m not very good at that.