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One down, one to go

Little miss crazy face is halfway through her tww.
Do you have any symptoms?
“Well, I’m fucking bitchy! Does that count?!”
Ummm, no further questions, your honor.
Then she grabbed her boobs for a while. Nothing. Just the bitchy.
She’s been temping like a champ and it’s nicely above the cover line. I almost wish she wouldn’t do it though so that it wouldn’t be sad to see it fall.
It’s still so much less stressful to be on this side. Every one in a while I get flashes of oh my god what’s going on with her I have no control no intuition nothing aaaahhhhh, but I do the healthy thing and shove it down lol.
We’ve stopped telling my mom how it’s going so that if it does work we can tell her for Christmas.
I love my vessel and hope today’s surprise bitchiness goes away quickly and that in another week we have good news.

One week down!

So far I have not really been that crazy!! Yaaaay!! As far as 2ww’s go, between both my love and myself this has been the easiest one.
(So far, I make no promises I won’t snap lol)
I’m…pretty chill.
Except for twenty minutes ago when I was Googling if bloody nose was an early sign! Apparently it actually is. Who knew.
You know what’s not sexy? Bloody nose cleavage! (Yes, I sure did snapchat that to my girlfriend before I cleaned it up!!)
Let’s see…what imaginary pregnancy symptoms can I think of? Nothing really. Migraine. Nothing new. Boobs feel normal. Some things smell weird. I  exhausted, but no matter how much Benadryl I take I just can’t sleep.
Every once in a while I say something and I catch my love looking at me like she’s about to Google whatever I said. Lol, she says she’s good though, too.
Halfway through, I’m pretty proud of both of us for being so reasonable.
We’ve also been busy with hiking and family game nights and various birthday celebrations, so that definitely helps.
I’m not sure what the difference is. I know if/when I get my period I’ll be heartbroken, probably even more so than I think. But then hey, we try again. I know it’ll be hard, but I’m glad I’m not freaking myself out now.
It’s actually my birthday today. Ew. 29. I feel sooooo old. And also very young, it feels like I couldn’t possibly be so old. And my 25 year old girlfriend is going to trade me in for a younger model. It’s okay, we had a good run. 🙂
Thursday we’re going kayaking! I’m super excited. Tonight she’s making me a super secret special birthday dinner. (My guess is the vegetation lasagna I spent hours texting her about yesterday bc it just sounded soooo good, or if she’s feeling lazy, a pretzel crust pizza!!! Either way I’ll be happy!)
(Also I’m all paranoid now and I keep expecting to look down and see blood running down my chest)
One more week!!
Good waiting to my cycle buddies 🙂

One Week Wait

We decide to test next Friday… I work until 8pm so I guess it will be after that. Unless she tests while I’m working to surprise me. But only if it’s positive! I wouldn’t want her to get a negative test and be all by herself.

Today we took a road trip and I was fitted for a bridesmaid dress for my bffs wedding. It was a fun day and fun to visit and to get away. But I’d really rather be at home. I like my house, I like my family, my cats, I like being at home with my love.

Whether we get a positive this time or not I’m still going to be happy. I’ve still got the most beautiful girl in the entire world and I love love love her forever. And it’s probably best that we’re not home bc it’s a distraction from everything.

I want to go get a test right now and I want it to be positive and I never want to be feeling so overwhelmed again! I want to cry because I’m so excited. I want to cry because I’m afraid it won’t work. I want to know why I didn’t ovulate so when it comes to my turn I’ll be ready.

One Week.