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Bring it Clomid!

Me “Well baby, are we ready for Clomid time?”
LoveBug “Yeah, Come here first though?”
Me “Why, you want a kiss before I take the pills and go crazy?”

I also (finally) ordered the Stork OTC. (That my girlfriend said she would order a week ago:-P) It’s going to be hit or miss as far as if the drs will be in the office when I’m ready for iui, so it looked like a decent at home alternative. And I don’t think $80 is that bad if if gives us a leg up!

coming together!

I feel like things are starting to come together in a way that instead of being excited to go through the motions, I’m actually excited that this actually might work.
I got an email from the nurse today that they’re going to give me trigger shots. Ooooh i jumped up and down. She was going back and forth on whether she would or not or send me to an re, whatever, i would have gone, but i really didn’t want another dr and waiting another cycle or longer.
So, i reeeeally feel like cd 1 is coming soonish. I’ll take Clomid cd 3-7. Cd 12 I’ll go to the clinic for 2 shots in the ass. 36 hours later we’ll inseminate.
All of this should happen before I’m gone to my work conference. I just won’t be a drunken fool!
Idk how it’s going to work out, of course, but I’m excited that it feels more and more like we’re stacking the deck in our favor.
I’ve been so anxious about getting timing wrong, and i really didn’t think they’d give me the shots, but now I’m super psyched.
Also, I’ve gone to the gym 2 days and swimming on the third. I’m happy with that! Gym is 10/month, so so far this month it’s been $5/trip. I think going ten times in a month would be the threshold, $1 to go to the gym? I’d pay that! Of course going more is obviously better, but as long as we’re going I’m happy. Also i maxed out the storage on my music player and have more than one gym mix, yet sometimes there’s just nothing to listen to! Yesterday was The Used and Panic! at the Disco

Clomid Day One

First pill today, on day 3 of my cycle. Omg my period has been Sooo strong. Like one of the hardest ever. Then today I took my Clomid and within like 2-3 hours it went from Woah! To Nothing!
Idk if that’s normal, but that’s what’s up over here. For my love she’ll get a little break for like half a day or something before it finishes, but I don’t think I do. We’ll see.
A few times today I’ve had a few sharp horrible head pains, but at the moment I don’t have a migraine! And so far regarding side effects, there’s nothing really too bad.
Tmi..idk if it’s a Clomid side effect or just me lol, but I juuuuust want all of the sex.