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End of my era, onto the next

A: cd1. I tested last night so I knew it was still a negative, but you still keep that little secret hope. But now I can rid myself of that! We’re sitting in the waiting room to discuss the Doctor of Pharmacy Professional Degree (yay) so I don’t really have time for being too upset about it. I guess my only job now is to go to the gym and be healthier and wait impatiently for my appointment at the end of January.

M: I don’t remember what cd she is on, but she’s been using opks, we have my 9000 pack of cheapies, but we also got a digital on (clear blue?) With like ten tests in it. We shipped our sperm last night so we should get it Friday. She’s a horrible temp taker. She constantly gets up and wanders around or goes to the bathroom or makes coffee and then comes running back to bed. You know that’s invalid right? Ugh, shut up. But she has gotten more used to it.

She’s just so darn great. She’s weird and pretty and does the laundry and is insane and puts up with me and is intelligent and makes me laugh. I’m so lucky. And now she’s going to grow me a baby! She keeps telling me it’s my baby and she’s just growing it. I remind her that it’s our baby and she says Yeah that’s what I mean. But any time I wonder if I’ll feel weird or distant or upset that it’s her instead of me she reminds me that this is my baby and I’ll grow one soon.

So, by this time next week we should be in our tww!

Cd 1

Oh shit
Who said this was a good idea?!
I’ve waited, what? 3 cycles to get to this one.
And now I’m freaking out bc I have no idea what I’m doing and I’m freaking out for no reason.
I called Tammy the nurse to fill my Clomid.
Good news, no progesterone this cycle so I don’t have to kill one. Bad news, I might kill someone on Clomid.
Two days ago when I started spotting my love said Yay, let’s do this! Today she says really? We’re trying now? Ummm, ma’am, wtf, pay attention!
So, here goes nothing I guess. (And by nothing i mean everything)

CD 1

I totally just closed fertility friend .4 seconds ago but I can’t remember how long my cycle was, but it was only like 30 something days instead of 40 something days like last cycle! Yay!
I need to go online and find another doctor, I need to get in before another cycle is wasted. But my love is working all weekend 30 hours out of the last 40 and sometimes that just makes me want to lay on the couch and do nothing. It’s lame, but I just can’t get motivated. She was gonna help me find a doc and was geekily exited to do so. I just wish she were here to do this with me. She should be home in a few hours but I don’t think she’ll want to browse drs.
I just watched an episode of svu where a guy went after women based on their ovulation cycles to try to impregnate them. And damn if he didn’t make it seem easy!
I keep forgetting to take my temp in the am, averaging only about 50%. And I had a couple opks that were a little dark but none that seemed positive to me so idk if/when I ovulated.
I need more vitex ,maybe my love can go to the vitamin place tomorrow, if I remember to ask her.
I’m so tired! And my back hurts. I slippes down the stairs at work last winter, cement stairs. I was sure I was paralyzed. It was the…4th worst experience of my life. So now I have arthritis and muscle spasms. It does make me worry about potential pregnancies/labor, but that’s a long ways off. Sometimes it hurts when I ovulate or start my monthly. But not enough to be an exact science! I want to take a bath or look online for a doctor or do something productive. But I’m probably going to just lay on the couch and watch svu.
Oh man, I just remembered I have tea in the kitchen that I started over 30 minutes ago!