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Cd whaaaaaaaat

I’m having some spotting today. It’s only cd 20! Why the eff would I go from mid thirties and mid forties to 20! Jerk face body. A very few times I’ve spotted at Ovulation but I haven’t been temping or doing opks so who knows what’s going on. I haven’t had an any pms symptoms my boobs don’t hurt I suppose tomorrow will tell. Sucky suckness  I’m getting up early to drive 5 hours to Minnesota and be there for 4 days. It would just be lame to be away from home with my monthly. Although maybe a 20 day cycle is better than a 45 day cycle? Nope, probably doesn’t matter bc the next cycle will be a mystery again. But hey, it’s all sort of data for the dr on the 23rd! In related news…please don’t be my period please don’t be my period please don’t be my period!