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7 Weeks

​How far along? 7 weeks 

How big is the peanut? 

Total weight gain/loss? lost 2 pounds

Maternity clothes? no, but will need a bigger bra asap

Sleep? don’t get enough, hard to find a comfy position with painful boobs 

Best moment this week? today was a big day, we went to the social security office and the dmv and changed my last name. then tonight at thanksgiving/my mom’s bday we have her a present of grandma and baseball outfits. there were many tears. we told her not to tell anyone yet until we had some drs apts, but we couldn’t keep it from her any more

Symptoms? Queasy all day long, wants to vomit- but doesn’t huge painful boobs, super emotional, “burrowing”, dry mouth

Food cravings? dark chocolate, sweet, cold (ice cream)  anything to help the dry mouth, ginger ale, fresh oranges

Food aversions? hot cheese, everything all the time. she constantly tells me she’s hungry but anything i suggest she wants to vom. half the time i make it anyway and she’ll decide she was  starving and gobbles whatever it is up. she also can’t eat nearly as much as before

What I miss? Not wanting to throw up

What I’m looking forward to? Not feeling sick and our drs appointment