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27 Weeks

My poor sweet darling wife woke me up this am sobbing in her sleep. Like, real tears just hysterical and i couldn’t wake her up.  Apparently she was dreaming that she had lost the baby. It was so scary, for her bc it was real to her. For me bc i couldn’t help her. It was a rough start to Week 27.

Then we listened to her heartbeat and she started summersaulting and kicking away and my wife was able to go back to sleep and i lay there feeling my baby girl kick and trying not to think of every horrible thing that could go wrong.

It’s a stressful thing, this parenthood. 

Then we started putting up our bathroom walls! And took a break for Dunkin Donuts. I 💜 coffee. (Although it hates me). Then my mom,  my bestie and myself got all the decorations for the baby shower. Including the Mommy To Be tiaras.

Our before and after painted vanity, hardware the same “hammered” as the countertop. My goal is still to have the bathroom done by May 6th!