a journey to familyhood


Hello…I’m a twenty something midwest girl with an amazing twenty something midwest girlfriend who just wants a family. That’s not true,I have a family. I have my beautiful girl and we have too many cats and foster cats and a beautiful home. What I’m really after in life these days is a baby. And an English Bulldog puppy! And a Mtn Dew! Oh yeah, focus…

We would both like to contribute to the child bearing aspect of things, I have no problem sharing a fat squishy baby for ever and ever with my love, no matter which of us is knocked up.

We’ve been together 5?6?7 years? And it will never be enough.

I like to write; poems, short stories, longer stories. I have taken senior photographs. I enjoy caffeine and popcorn with hot sauce. I’m a lactose intolerant vegetarian prone to migraines. I love all Law &Order, big bang theory..karin slaughter, Steven king, Shakespeare. Usually people who say they like Shakespeare are lying, but I mean it!

I work with the mentally ill, I don’t go to the gym even though I have a membership, I love to sit by the river. I’m sarcastic as a family trait but I try to be more funny than cynical.

Hmmmm, idk, that’s some random stuff about me

Comments on: "About" (4)

  1. I nominated you for the OLBA as well! No pressure, but thanks for sharing your story with us πŸ™‚

  2. lifeasagaymom said:

    Glad you found me so I can follow you ladies on your journey πŸ™‚

  3. So exciting!!!! ^____^ congrats on baby. Also, I’m using your blog as prebaby research, no pressure

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