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On Saturday we had our next insem. Everything was PERFECT.

Tests, timing, process, everything just fell into place perfectly and felt so right.

We’ve had good, even perfect, cycles in the past so I know not to get my hopes up. But it all just feels so right and hopefully it was.

I’m excited for Rayne to have a baby. My mom got her a baby for Christmas and she likes to play “ashes” (ring around the rosy) and gives her drinks and covers her with her blanky (my mom crocheted matching blankets for Rayne and her baby). Everything she sees is a baby and she holds her arms around her midsection and rock like she’s rocking a baby.

I wish we could have kids closer in age, maybe next round. But first we have to get through this round.

One and a half weeks to go…

Rayne had her 18 month checkup. She’s still 50% for height and weight (23 pounds) better than the 5th percent she stared at.

I’ve gone back and forth with her pediatrician. I liked him at first, my wife didn’t. Now she likes him and I’m on the fence. We’ve decided to keep him until we have another kid and then switch Rayne at the same time. But this visit was good, I have no complaints. And neither did he.

Physically she’s well. Gross and fine motor skills are good. For once he’s pleased with her language. She’s being socialized with their kids at the Y. We brush her teeth (but I need to set up a dentist thanks for the reminder). She’s perfect. I want a million of her.