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My sil just announced her pregnancy. They have 5 kids. They have so many kids and it’s not fair 😢 we should be happy but my heart is just heavy and broken

Happy Thanksgiving

Another week until our 2nd Known donor attempt.

I’m working on Thanksgiving. I said “dress the baby nice”. She’s wearing a glow in the dark robot T-shirt and looks like she lives under the bridge 🤦‍♀️

But I got to FaceTime with the whole family and as my wife went room to room babe chased her waving Hi mama.

Her little speech is so cute. My favorite part is that a lot of things she says are so high pitched. Except “mama”, her voice goes so deep it’s hilarious 😂

We took Xmas pics yesterday! (I work thanksgiving so it doesn’t even feel like a holiday to me (except last year I took off for the only time in ten years)) So really it’s just a speed bump in the way to Christmas.


CD1 today. It’s a bummer but it’s fine. We’ll try again in a few weeks!

Half way

Well, a little more than half way. My wife is supposed to get her period on Thursday. So she wants to test on Wednesday.

She tested on Thursday or Friday (negative of course) bc she said she woke up in a panic at like 2 am and needed to test and felt better after.

There’s nothing really indicating one way or another, or there’s plenty of things that can easily be misattributed and explained away.

She’s also sick, which makes everything more complicated.

Donor has a super high success rate. I’m not really worried that it will work at some point, but of course the sooner the better 😁


So we did our first cycle with our new KD. Thankfully, as opposed to my post the other day, he was so much better and less douchy than I was expecting!

He was chill and nice and we talked for a while beforehand. We talked about our life and his life. Some things we’d discussed before but it was a good refresher.

He’d sent us the contract a long while ago but we touched on that again as well.

Then he handled his business and we took our Tupperware and syringe to the back seat of my car in a Target parking lot with our dog trying to jump back 🤣😂


So now we’re in the 2ww!!


So, we’re going with a Known Donor.

It was a pain in the ass process to get to him. So many no call-no shows, weirdos, etc. but okay, we settled on this dude.

One of only two that were really options. And the other fella might be used by some friends, so we’d rather use the other one.


He is driving my fucking nuts!

He is a mansplainer!!

Well, I think he is. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he’s just knowledgeable and helpful.

But no, he’s mansplaining.

And while we’re in a group text with him, my wife and I are texting on the side about hating him lol.

His stats are impressive, let’s hope they pay off quickly so we don’t have to keep talking to him!