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Big Girl

Grandma is teaching her to say “Up” A few times we think she said “hi”. Mostly she is super quiet all the time with the exception of “OP!” “OP!” Which makes sense now that we know grandma is teaching her Up. OP can mean UP or look over there or dog or drink or YOU HAVENT LOOKED AT ME IN FIVE SECONDS AND I NEEEEEED YOUR ATTENTION ASAP QUICK LIKE!!

It’s adorable, I love OP. (Remind me of this later when it’s irritating af)

Biggest change for Big Girl is the end of breastfeeding. My wife has been pumping less and less, and that meant using our freezer stash instead of building it. But as a few days ago babes started screaming when offered the boob.

She was a good morning boob taker, she still drinks from her bottle, just not later in the day. Rigid body, fighting, screaming bloody murder.

Then yesterday she stopped altogether, no boob.

My wife is sad, but understanding. Why make them both miserable by fighting it? But it’s still sad to have their special connection be altered. And feel rejected.

But she’s letting us know that’s not what she needs, she he’s plenty of calories elsewhere, we do have formula but are also experimenting with various milks, goat and soy. She doesn’t like them yet, but usually she doesn’t like anything the first few tries. We’ve also been giving her water to make sure she’s hydrated.

Maybe we cried yesterday that our baby isn’t so baby any more.

She wouldn’t let me take a picture of her with her adorable sippy cup. She’s also crabby bc she’s cutting a tooth. But still adorable


I can’t believe this kid is 10 months. She’s perfect. We’ve started planning for and making decorations for her party. Invites are ready to be mailed. Saying ten months yeah that’s close to a year, but realizing it’s May and her bday is in JUNE?! That’s crazy.

It kills me all the way dead that we don’t have another one yet. And that we have to wait for sept to try more. But it is what it is.