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2 months

Acid Reflux

My meep was dx with acid reflux today.

She’s been in a pattern of SCREAMING for 12 hours, followed by sleeping for 12 hours.

My poor sweet sweet baby! So i spent the morning trying to comfort her until my wife could relieve me, i went to work she went to the dr.

They prescribed her meds of some sort but said it could take 10-14 days to really kick in. I so hope they’re wrong.

Her favorite thing is to be in the face down colic hold, bouncing and walking. My mom (her weekday babysitter) can only walk with a walker, so she’s SOL. I feel so bad for my mom. Luckily she just has to get through tomorrow and then one or both of us are home until next Monday.

My wife is still eliminating dairy, and some other suggestions from the dr, we’re doing probiotics and gas drops, tummy massages and stretches, and wrapping her with warm towels (ooooh she loves a warm wet towel on her belly!)

The great news is that in the last month she’s gained 1lb 5oz! She still goes back on weds for her 2 month checkup and shots, but it was nice to hear a little bit of good news

(A bit of not screaming)

31/F’n Colic

Yesterday was my birthday. 31. Last year we were on the east coast on a Civil Road road trip, Maryland, VA, Washington DC. I guess I’m glad we did that last year, not this.

So much has changed since then. Marriage, baby, new house, new car, puppy.

31 was not nearly as traumatizing as 30 lol.


My sweet little meep is just not herself these days. I would say …3-4 days of spitting up, screaming, not sleeping well, clingy.

We swapped her bassinet for the mama.roo so she’s more upright. She gets probiotics and gripe water.

Today she’s worst of all. She hadn’t pooped, so we did some tummy massage and legs to chest and she shot a blast of poop 3 feet across my mom’s room! I thought it would help, nope.

She screams and screams and screams until she passes out. Then she waked up screaming again. I can hear her little tummy gurgling.

My wife is working to eliminate dairy to see if that helps. She’s at work, doing a double. I’m so tired.

Fuck you, colic. Send coffee. Or drugs, I’m not picky at this point. 

6 Weeks

My baby girl will be 6 weeks tomorrow (or today, depending on how long it takes to finish this)

She’s perfect.

*She loves baths and nakey baby time, her puggo dog, when her mamas sing to her. She’s really started tracking faces and bright colored things. There’s a set of colored rings she’ll watch go baaaack and forth all day. She’s incredibly strong, a little beast, head control for dayz.

*She does NOT appreciate when her mama drinks coffee, it gives her screaming gas all day. Thankfully she’s been off the coffee and on some probiotic gas drops and appears cured!

*She’s a professional sleeper, up to 7 hours a night. We took a trip to MN recently to see family and she slept the ENTIRE drive home! Aaaaamazing.

*She’s small. At her 1 month check up she was 8 pounds. And i think they rounded up. So she went from 7.11 to 7.01 to 7.10 to 8. The pediatrician gave her a month to start beefing up, and stop dropping percentiles, or she has to start formula. My wife was obviously upset, but after talking to many people,  we’re not as concerned.  She seems to be eating well, plenty of wet diapers, not sickly. So we’re add taking it as it comes. A benefit of the convo was my wife really taking pumping seriously and stocking up for work (she goes nack next week 😔) so she’ll have plenty to eat and we can track how many oz she’s getting if it really becomes a concern

*Because she’s small, it’s interesting to dress her. She wears newborn sizes, and in diapers is still in newborn. But with cloth diapera they don’t fit well under her newborn clothes. So she wears 0-3 month,  which are too big, and looks a little silly. But at least she’s silly cute.

*omg i love her so much