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Rayne Meadow Bailey

7lbs 11oz 19 3/4 inches long born at 8pm 6/30/2017

38 weeks

Prodromal labor is a biiiiitch.

After she got checked out on Monday her contractions started coming much stronger. But still not close enough together.  Avg is still 6-7 mins apart.

Nights are the absolute worst. Not much sleep going on. The contractions are much stronger and closer together and often can’t sleep through them.

The midwife offered some ideas for natural supplements and we got Evening Primrose Oil.

She’s also soooo (understandably)  crabby! More than i want the baby here i want my wife to not be in pain and not be crabby.

Pretty much all day every day I’m just waiting for her to switch to active labor and i hope the amount of pain (“It’s not discomfort, it’s pain”) doesn’t discourage her from doing this again 

Not today!

After 4 hours of consistent contractions progressing from 10-12 minutes to 7 minutes and 2 hours of sporadic contractions and then consistent again about 7 minutes apart they told us to come in and get hooked up to the fetal/contraction monitor.

Then we were sent home! Booooo! Once the initial wave slowed, i figured today wasn’t the day. But i was still hopeful.

She is having contractions but they have no way of knowing when they’ll be enough to come back. Hours, days, weeks.
Look, I’m helping

Here we go!(?)

Pretty sure that my wife is in labor!!

Contractions every 8-10 mins for about 40 something seconds for about an hour and a half at this point.

My wife is reading up on false labor “nope…nope…not that…nope…okay i don’t think this is false labor….”

I hope she’s right! 

37 Weeks

Things we have done:

  • Birth plan
  • Car seat/bases installed
  • Nursery ready
  • Diaper bag packed
  • Several meals in the freezer
  • Hospital bag started

Things we need to do:

  • Find a pediatrician! 
  • Finish preparing hospital bag
  • Find someone to care for puppy while we’re away
  • Call for a breast pump and once we know the flavor get the accessories
  • I don’t even know what there is to do that we havent done!


36 Weeks!

We’re at less than a month to go! That just blows my mind.  It feels like tomorrow and it feels like forever.

Every day she’s fat and heavy and moving like crazy (the baby, not my wife). My wife has back pain and trouble breathing and feelings! Big big feelings. And she’s doing so well. For every time i want to scream my frustrations from the mountaintops  there are so many times that i just stare at her with amazement and love.

This week was hard. My mom needs gallbladder surgery,  which isn’t a huge deal.  But she’s also handicapped which complicates everything and means i have to take off work to take her to appointments and help her at home. We’ve had an er overnight stay,  ekgs, stress tests,  2 pre-ops, running for meds, aaaahh. I knew what i was getting into buying this duplex,  and i have an amazing extended family that helps out, but sometimes it’s like Seriously? I have things to do!

The part that made it all the more frustrating was a glitch in my wifes Light Duty paperwork for work. She cant do her job at full capacity. It’s not safe for her or the baby. So she needed 2 forms for work. She presented them both to the dr, the dr gave back 1 but the 2nd had to go to medical records.  And could take 10-14 businesses days to return. But since she had 1 of the forms she was not allowed to work until they were both in. Thankfully it was resolved with her only needing to use 2 days of sick leave. And in retrospect, it wasn’t that bad. But the initial feeling of Oh Fuck, how can they make her take off for 2-3 weeks?! And that would mean taking unpaid maternity leave before Income Continuation kicks in. And not knowing if it would be a few days, or weeks. Begging medical records to go against their protocol to help us out, being still annoyed at HR for their stupid paperwork catch 22. Of course HR lady was taking half days and of course our dr was out of the office. My wife sobbing for hours over all the unknowns. I really figured it would get fixed quickly, but the worst part was not being able to help my wife see it as she’s picturing all of the worst case scenarios. There were so many feelings.  And now that it’s over, if that’s the worst thing to happen this pregnancy?! Hallelujah.

Enough of the rambles, here’s pictures!