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29 Weeks

She passed!


3 hour glucose test

My wife isnt allowed to leave the clinic! Emergency Wal-Mart trip.

A rambling Sunday post

So far im loving living in our new house (weve been here…5 weeks?) Although i havent really had a lot of time to relax in it!

We bought a duplex and my mom lives downstairs, she has MS and uses a walker or wheelchair and doesnt drive. My brother does the bulk of the shopping for her, which is great, but there are still a million things a persin does in their life. So ive been getting her house in order, organizing and putting up blinds and helping her with dishes, going clothes shopping, dr appts. Nothing huge, but at the end of a day or weekeend off i realize ive not spent any time i  my own house.


Weve been working on the bathroom. And i ditch my puppy with my mom and dont see either of them all day. Except to take the puppy potty bc my mom cant. But even a big project like tthe bathroom doesnt allow me time to unpack boxes or organize. There are still 3 boxes marked “kitchen” on the landing from the basement stairs of things we would like to be using but havent gotten around to yet.

The bathroom is soooo cloooose to being done! Everything is painted, the walls are half up and the floor is 2/3 done. Fi ishing the project is a 2 person job. And i havent had more than an hour awake with my wife since last sunday. She moved to 1st shift so sge gets up at 430am. If im working i get home at 9 shes already in bed or within an hour of going to bed. Or, more likely, she works a double shift and doesnt get home until 11. She usually works doubles on my days off, which sucks. So im home 3 days a week and cant move forward and when shes come shes exhausted from working and couldnt move forward if she wanted to. (Wow that was a long ramble)

Our next day off is weds, she has to do her 3 hour glucose and i then i take my mom to the dr. That will take all day. Her next day off is next saturday and she signed up to work a double. Grrrrr. I just want to finish 1 project, have less tools scattered about my bathroom and not have that nagging i  the back of my mind.

In the meantime, i painted the babies crib and am going to start priming amd painting her room today. 

Also, i have a new friend. Hes an ulcer and his name is Glen. Ive had Glen for a week and the 1st few days were AWFUL but with prilo.sec and not eating things i know will upset me, i feel a million times better and have lost 5 pounds.

I am not a morning person, so i would always put the puppy to bed and my wife would do her morning routine. Well now that im on round the clock puppy care, ive noticed we have the worlds laziest puppy. I dont even feel bad that im laying in bed typing this out instead of getting her up bc even when i open her kennel i know shes not coming out. Shell go back to sleep or lay there and yawn until the cats want her bed and force her out. Its pretty adorable and i greatly appreciate that shes not a morning person either. What she is, though, is very jealous! So thats the biggest thing were working on before the baby comes!

I could probably ramble all day but theres so much to do. Ugh.

Im told this is a magnolia tree in my front yard, its so pretty!

We have a floor!


Glucose Test

My wife failed her 1st round of glucose testing. I dont know what her numbers were but they were “elevated”.

So next week she goes back for a 3 hour. 

Ive read in a few places and gotten a few different numbers where Gestational Diabetes affects from 6-16% of pregnancies. It happens. For me its like You didnt do anything wrong, know you know and can adress it.

Im sure if it were me and not her id be freaking out and beating myself up over it. Like she is. Poor wife! She is so sad and dissapointed in herself.

She eats pretty well, much better than i do. And she likes to hike and walk and do yoga. But she hasnt had as much time lately to do the physical work. Shes been working crazy hours, a lot of double shifts, and it just is what it is, there are only so many hours in the day.

So yes, we should be making smarter food choices, and when shes not working she plans to hike with the dog. And im not trying to make light of the situation, but for her sake, its not the end of the world. Its okay. Now we know.

And she’ll do the 3 hour test and then we’ll know even more. We’ll adapt in the ways we need to adapt and she’ll do whatever she needs to keep herself and our baby safe.

Mostly i feel bad that she’s beating herself up over it. Like, boo, you arent trying to hurt our baby. Youve made a lot of positive changes with this whole pregnancy and youre doing great!

I hope she has a better 3 hour test, but also, id rather know so it can be addressed! Shell go to light duty at work soon (ish) so that will leave much more time away from work, time to relax and take walks and yoga and make healtheir home cooked meals.

Im just trying to stay chill about it right now, bc we dont know anything yet. Even of she needs a little help with it, itll be okay in the end. I want to get her her favorite iced coffee with cream and sugar and a doughnut (because one should eat ones feelings when one is sad) buuuut maybe i wont.

Ill get her iron, because shes also anemic.

My poor boo


27 Weeks

My poor sweet darling wife woke me up this am sobbing in her sleep. Like, real tears just hysterical and i couldn’t wake her up.  Apparently she was dreaming that she had lost the baby. It was so scary, for her bc it was real to her. For me bc i couldn’t help her. It was a rough start to Week 27.

Then we listened to her heartbeat and she started summersaulting and kicking away and my wife was able to go back to sleep and i lay there feeling my baby girl kick and trying not to think of every horrible thing that could go wrong.

It’s a stressful thing, this parenthood. 

Then we started putting up our bathroom walls! And took a break for Dunkin Donuts. I 💜 coffee. (Although it hates me). Then my mom,  my bestie and myself got all the decorations for the baby shower. Including the Mommy To Be tiaras.

Our before and after painted vanity, hardware the same “hammered” as the countertop. My goal is still to have the bathroom done by May 6th!