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20 weeks!

I can’t believe it’s finally 20 weeks! In all of my apps they ask “didn’t time just fly?!” No, not really. There are some moments where looking back sure it seems like it went quick, but for the most part it’s taking fooooorever! I’m trying to enjoy these days and moments and milestones bc i know down the road I won’t remember any of this and I’ll miss it.

WE FOUND OUT GENDER TODAY!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our gender reveal is Saturday, i couldn’t be more excited.

What a creepy/awesome lizard creature

19 weeks

18 WEEKS and gender predictions!

We did the Ring Test, the Drano test, and the Chinese gender predictor…all say….


I have always been on Team Boy, most people, including my wife, are on Team Girl. She’s actually really disappointed.

And as my aunt said, the other 2 may be predictors,  but the Drano test is SCIENCE! 

Still hasn’t popped!

17 Weeks

My Wife has gained 0 weight

She only has one pair of jeans and primary wears sweatpants

The house buying process is so stressful! But we hope to close March 9th

We has the cutest pug on the planet

I love cloth diaper shopping!