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Can i just say…

There is a difference bn “falling into the propaganda” and

Being aware

Being concerned

Being present

Being informed

Can i also say…fuck you heterosexually married white couple for minimizing my concerns not only for myself or for those i know and love, but for everyone


Week 16


My wife felt the baby move yesterday!!!!!!!!

15 weeks

We bought a fetal doppler, by far the best invention in the history of the word, forever! It makes everything a little more real!

Any other purchases? Oh yeah…

Our offer was accepted for a house!!! If all goes well with the inspection we’re hoping to close March 9th!

Holy Adulting

The waaaiiiiting is the hardest part

Tom Petty was right!  I thought that the 2ww was stressful?? Well house buying is just as stressful!  We have officially submitted an offer! Now we wait…!

We gave them 48 hours, which is tomorrow, to respond. But every minute the realtor isn’t calling me I’m bummed out!

We need 60 days notice after an accepted offer for our landlord and for the tenant at the the house to move, so mis March ish??

That’s so soon. And also not at all. Kind of like with the baby.  It’s just not a thing that’s real but all of a sudden the baby will be here! So, hopefully in 2 months we’ll be moving to our new house.  And 4 months after that is baby due date?!?! That can’t be right. 6 months???

6 MONTHS?!?!?! I know I’m not a mathlete, but how did that sneak up on me??? that’s like no time at all!

💜💜💜Baby’s heartbeat yesterday was 162 💜💜💜

14 WEEKS!!


My mom just explained to me what a gender reveal party is. Thanks, mom 😊

    We’re finally ready to put an offer in on a house on Weds!

    My car is soooo dying but the lawyer told me to wait so it doesn’t mess up our preapproval! (Come on, Bessie! Hold in there a little longer!!!) (Brakes are overrated)  We were on our way to the dealership when they called us. Frustrating.