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Life, death, marriage, and pcos

Life: We inseminated last night.  I (as always) hope it works

Death: Over night my sweet baby kitten princess passed away.  She was only 7. I picked her  of a canoe as a baby with one blind chlamydia eye and i loved her with my whole heart. I know there are people who think “oh, it’s just a pet” But there are others who understand this was my baby,  i loved her, and it’s devastating. This was my first pet of my very own so she was my first pet loss. (These are the very first and very last pictures i have of her)

 Marriage: is crazy.  We’ve both been off of work for 8 days just following each other around “hey wife, hi wife”. And laughing “who let us do that?! The state of WI? Fools!”

PCOS: Everything, everything upsets my stomach. But tonight the wife and i spent an hour making lists of foods i can eat, can’t, and not sure.  I need to do an elimination and find out everything for sure, i just haven’t yet. Mostly bc i don’t have a starting point. I need something okay for me that i can use as a fall back as i figure the rest out. The biggest issue i have is a large portion of foods are out from the get go: Meat, Dairy, Eggs, Dark/Leafy vegetables,  sugary fruits. And things i enjoy:  white processed carbs i shouldn’t have.  And alternatives (whole wheat pasta brown rice)  are DISGUSTING.  Also fuck Metformin,  I’m no longer taking it. So it all just sucks.

What doesn’t suck?  Being married. I like that. 


💜 Mrs & Mrs 💜


CD1 for my love today. It was super sad, but also there is a somewhat less devastating feeling knowing we didn’t have to pay for the sperm. It’s less desperation to get pregnant or else!

So now we can focus on getting married,   a week from today!! And that will be wonderful. And we have like 8 days off together, yaaaaaay. And then at the end of those days she’ll be fertile again and off we’ll go again