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It is kind of surreal to be 30. Part of me doesn’t care because what even is age? But also holy shit I’m already in my 30s and what have I done with my life?!

It’s been such an amazing time off and rekindling with my beautiful girl.

Our trip was amazing.

Driving through Chicago sucks, Indiana was ghetto, Ohio sucked, Pennsylvania was beautiful, Gettysburg and Anteitem were great (a little overwhelming with all the info) Maryland, DC (which I was terrified to do the Metro for but it was so easy!) Virginia was hot af but Richmond and Appomattox were beautiful. Then we headed home and the mountains of Virginia and West Virginia were one of my favorite parts.

It was very interesting going from North to South and seeing the shift into more Confederate territory. The wording in the videos and the general attitudes of the people were obviously biased.

I was glad to get back North again!

I’ve also decided that I can definitely handle 12 days off of work and one day on lol.

The only bummer is that I don’t have my period yet. My cycle day is in the upper 30s. Every day I think is the day it’s going to start, but nothing yet. Frustrating.

My love has been talking more and more about carrying. It makes me happy, but it also is difficult to give up.

Here we go again…?

Today marks the start of another round of Progesterone. Oh my.

I’m not doing my best to be active, but I am trying. I started a kick boxing regimen. Let’s not talk about whether or not that was a good idea with a broken foot.

And then there’s Pokemon Go. Let’s talk about my care of Pokemon- it’s zero. But my gfs phone wouldn’t let her download it. So it’s on my phone. And I guess while she wanders about town on my phone I might as well hobble along with her.

So hopefully my period comes in a timely fashion with a little more activity.

Although…That puts it smack in the middle of our vacation.

I turn 30 this month. And I haaaaaave a lot of feelings about it. One minute it’s whatever, I’m still young and spry. The next, omg what have I done with my life?!

My super amazing wonderful adorable gf thought a road trip was in order. And being aware I’m a bit of a dork, she’s planning a Civil War battlefield road trip!! OMG!!! Words cannot express my excitement.

Gettysburg, Antietam, medical museums, battlefield parks, so much more! Maaaybe 2 days in DC.

I’ve never been more excited for anything.

And we’re planning on camping for most of it. But getting my period on the woods sounds like the worst thing ever.

Iiiiiffffff I do get it in a decent time frame I’ll take my letrozole and we’ll try for the last time.