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I did it!!!

I OVULATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! My Fertility Friend os awesome, our timing was awesome, my back is still fucked up, and they emailed me today with my reasons that I OVULATED!!!

Let’s hope everything else falls into place and my ovulation was worth it!!

Come on Raindrop, implant! Grow! Stay!

If not, I’m out again and my love steps up. My dr left a very vague msg about how if this time doesn’t work they’d switch me to “fertility meds” Um. Am I not already on them? So while I figure that nonsense out, the Pretty Princess will try. She goes back and forth on it, but for some reason she’s been all about it. So I’m all in.


I slipped a disk in my back doing insem 1 of 2. Mother F.
I’m awkward. And I can’t walk. And I cry!
Insem 2 coming up and in the 2ww.
Fingers crossed 🙂

$20 to the first person who brings dinner to my couch.

A reminder from Sylvia Plath



~ The Bell Jar