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Go sperm go!


Monday Musings

I have such a headache (not just yet a migraine)

Vacation was wonderful:
A) We went to MN for visiting family and friends. We spent hours walking around St Paul, in the neighborhood where my love grew up. Another day we spent hours walking around downtown St Paul. We also spent a lot of time with nieces and nephews, especially (shh) my favorite niece who is almost 3 and a wild child. We were bffs. She showed me every rock and stick she found.
B) Camping was fun for the most part. The first night was a little cold, but we lived. The last two nights it raaaaained and was a bummer. But I’d rather be camping with my peach in the rain than be working!

I only had a migraine for like a day and a half while on vacation. Possibly the Clomid? I had some weird vision, like it felt like lights were shaking. Idk if was from Clomid or the migraine.

Our sperm is being shipped. I’m thinking Wednesday will be the day, but we’ll see how my temps and opks are. I’m not in a hurry, I want everything to go right.

Being on vacation only reinforced how much I don’t like working. A person should like what they do. I don’t know if it mattered what I was doing. I want to be a stay at home mom.

The best part of vacation was all of the talks about babies we had. We didn’t talk about work and home and stressors and anxiety we talked about piles of babies. It was nice to know we’re on the same page and talk about aaaall the possibilities.

Yesterday when we got home we did absolutely Nothing! We watched America’s Next Top Model and ate pizza and did some after vacation laundry and dishes. But it was nice to have a day between vacation and going back to work just to unwind and recoup.

But now it’s back to it. Yay?

Cd 3

Start higher dose of Clomid tonight.
Only 14 hours of work left and it’s vacation time!!

I haven’t tested yet. I’m 99.9999999999999% sure that I’m not pregnant. But maaaaaaaaybe I’ll test in the am.
We did our insem two and a half weeks ago, so I should have an answer. I’m glad that my period is late bc a) stronger meds next cycle (and what  i reeeeeally want from stronger fertility meds is an increased chance of multiples) and b) there’s less and less of a chance that we’ll need to do our next insem in the middle of the woods!
Our anniversary is Tuesday. And Monday we’ve been engaged for a year. Lol last year I got her a ring, this year I got her a t-shirt. Whatever, she’ll love it. And I told her the EXACT messenger bag I want, so we’ll see if she listened.
Then the following week we go to Minnesota and go camping. What idiot goes camping at the end of October in the Midwest? Us idiot.
But based on previous ovulation dates, we should now be clear for the days following our return home!
My mom’s MRI was rescheduled from Saturday to Monday.
My darling wonderful little princess of a fiance has decided she wants to be a pharmacist. Like all the way to Dr. Princess Fiance! Fiiiiiine, wife! (If I don’t wife this girl soon she’s gonna hurt me!) Every day she says “You know we’ve been engaged for x amt of time?!” “Now it’s this long!” “Now this!”


Idk what I’m waiting for. I have decided though that when we do get married, I’ll take her name 🙂 I’ve been planning on hyphenating since we ever started talking about it, but I don’t need to do that.
So the girl needs to go back to school until we’re both dead and then she’ll be a Dr. I don’t know why she wants to do this. I know she loves math and science and school, so I guess that’s why (?) But I’m proud of her and I support her and it’s cool if I have to keep working for longer but damnit, one day she’s going to make all of the money and I’m going to not work and stay home with piles of babies and puppies.