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Today in work adventures:

I saw my first seizure. Not a bad one at all, but scary since I’d never seen one before.

Been treated with just top notch disrespect from a client who hates me for no reason (aside from his mental illness) (I’m not the only person you can talk to. Go away.)

And had a conversation that went something like “women are…” I’d choose my words carefully if I were you. “Women are tools for men! See! I was careful bc you’re a woman and I’m respectful of women. You’ll be a tool for a man!”
If you weren’t a client I probably would have backhanded you. Take your bible and leave.

But on a good note, I have bitchin hair. I’ve had fun blacks and reds and some blue streaks, but I’m most excited for my purple. Even though it’s just hair, it makes me feel someone empowered. And very punk rock.
But the best part is that my loves mom (and her mom before her) is a beautician. She is also EXTREMELY religious (idk.what kind) and not a fan of my existence, at all. She’ll be fairly acceptable to my face, but overall I just hate any interactions and she has let my love know that she does not support our relationship and thinks it’s just a phase. To an extent, that’s fine, she’s lived her whole life a certain way I can’t expect her change, but after 8 years maybe you lighten up? Or fake it! But no, it got to the point where they didn’t speak for well over a year. And they’re both over the top stubborn! So anyway, after all this time of bitching and crying and tension and unhappiness, she asked her mom for tips on how to do my hair (what bleach, what brands, etc) and they texted extensively and called and I’m very very happy for them both 🙂
(Although, I’ve had bad reactions to shampoos/conditioners in the past and it basically burns my scalp. Well when she told her mom that we both later laughed that she was probably thinking “good!”) But it’s a start!





If we had a song it might come from the following list

Tim McGraw Unbroken
Foo Fighters Everlong
Our Lady Peace Gravity
The Used I Caught Fire
The Turtles She’d Rather Be With Me
The Troggs Love is All Around
Our Lady Peace A Story bout A Girl





This is how I know my girlfriend loves me. We got grapes at the store and she plucked them all for me!


(K-stew is not my girlfriend, she’s just a photobomber)

Day 7


I love daisies

Day 6

From a client at work. Not everything sucks


Day 5

When your gf tells you she thinks you’re out of opks