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Snow snow snow

Yup. Lots of snow! We just finished shoveling lots and lots of shoveling. the forecast was for 5 to 9 inches overnight id call it somewhere in the middle. Oh well good exercise. Except for the horrible back pain! But now the rest of the day can be devoted to beer and football and chili and relaxing !

This has been an amazing weekend, a three day weekend even! Christmas shopping and baking and video games and kitties oh my! Ive decided I love this season. I never really have in the past but why not? It’s fun to shop for family and my love and it makes me so excited for future traditions. Like gross sappy people probably want to hit me for being so excited. Christmas movies and decorating the tree and making cookies at grandmas.

Last night was family Christmas at my aunts. My cousin was there with her baby girl. She’s a year old, unfortunately looks just like her daddy, but ooooh was she a happy little thing to play with. All night I was fantasizing about maybe next year we could have our baby there. Hopefully it’s a boy baby. And cute. And fat. And good smelling.

I did want to write for a little longer but sooooooomeone wants me to make lunch… spoiled.

Welcome…to the jungle?

I wonder how many people begin their first blog with that song title. Anyway, I have no idea really how this WordPress works. Mostly I just want to see if my theme worked and how a blog will look. I think I pretty much hit the highlights in the “about me” section but mostly I’m just here for a place to talk/vent/rant about thingsandstuff. As the gf puts it “that’s stupid”… also “don’t you talk about me on the internet!” well that’s just fine love because I don’t think it’s stupid and maybe sometimes I want to talk about smacking you in the head and you don’t like it when I do it to your face! Ha. We’ve been together ….5years? 6? Through tiny apartments and college and work and life and hopefully onto much bigger and better things. Mostly a baby. Obviously 2 girl parts do not a child conceive so we have a bit of a road ahead of us. It will be fun to look back and see some of the journey here and have a place to be all crazy with baby fever so I don’t annoy my loved ones too much!