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IUI #1


It was sad, but somehow less sad than when we just doing it at home. At least this way I don’t have to doubt that we had the timing right or wonder if I actually ovulated. Everything went according to plan. We’ll just try again.

Fortunately/Unfortunately, last cycle the timing worked perfectly for work and driving almost 3 hours for ultrasounds or lab work or whatever.

I can leave work to do it, but they really aren’t understanding. Like, they’re all just “dude-bros” and my boss would totally guilt me for having to come in late or leave early or whatever.

The silly thing is, he’s diabetic. He has to leave for drs appointments and has a nurse call him at work to talk about diabetes things. My coworker recently was diagnosed also as diabetic. So now he can magically have all the time he needs to go to appointments or whatever he needs. We call them “betis-brothers”. Because it directly relates to him and he can understand it, it’s fine. But fertility stuff is so far out of his understanding and comfort zone he’d be a total douche about it.

So I really hope that the timing this time works out just as wonderfully as it did last time.

Also it’s going to snow soon. Please don’t make me drive 3 hours in a blizzard.

We shall see.


Baby Spam

My progesterone was 12, definitely not bad!

I mean, I wish it were higher, but still! I ovulated it’s great!

Since it wasn’t at least 15 I do Progesterone suppositories twice a day until weds when I test. (!)

5dpiui #1

Last weds I had my 1st IUI. My wife babbled the whole way up which was nice, mostly I just obsess and have a stomach ache the whole drive. I thanked her for distracting me and she just laughed bc it was not intentional, but whatever works!

I didn’t even realize how excited I was until they called us back and I felt a huge smile on my face.

The procedure itself was awful so thankfully it was quick.

Speculums can be painful for people, but I have the added joy of scar tissue, making it insanely painful. Like, sobbing through the whole thing. And I have a high pain tolerance. Usually in’s in the past have used the smallest one possible or I take pain killers beforehand. I didn’t even think to take anything before I went in.

I didn’t think I would make it to the end of the procedure. But I did.

Then I bought a giant ass bottle of Tylenol. It was funny, the nurse was talking afterwards about pain killers for cramps and what do I normally take? My wife and I both laughed out loud bc I will literally take anything. Like, just hand me a handful of anything and I’ll take it. Nothing works for my migraines, or I’m allergic to the other options, so I do whatever I can to take the edge off. The nurse chuckled as well and said just stick to Tylenol.

It was a little while that day before the cramps started and they lasted all day, worse than any period cramp I’ve had. I took Tylenol before bed and they were gone in the am.

My wife bought me a pineapple for the core and made me eat it for 5 days. I never want to eat it again!

On weds I go for a progesterone level check to determine if I’ll need progesterone suppositories or not. Sounds gross.

And then next weds I take a home pregnancy test!

I haven’t been feeling well the last few days, mostly tired and today I’m getting a migraine. Part of me wants to feel better but then part of me wants sickly feelings to turn into pregnancy feelings!

I’m excited to see what my results are weds, but I feel good about it. I probably shouldn’t say that and jinx it, but I think my body is doing a good job.

As much as I want to stay neutral and not be upset if it doesn’t work, I feel really good. I’m excited.

IUI#1 U/S#3

I went for an ultrasound on Saturday and there were 2 potential follicles, the bigger being 13.3. I was told to come back today for a follow up u/s and we’d go from there.

I was a little nervous that 13 wouldn’t be that much bigger, but like and behold it was over 18 today!! Woo hoo!

I was so proud!

So I do the trigger shot tonight at 915 and go in Weds 915am for insemination!

Also here’s a beautiful girl


I do not enjoy vaginal ultrasounds. Who does. But really. Aside from physically hurting, it hurts my soul to know I need so many every month. 😥

Also there actually are articles about gyn related visits after sexual assaults, so it’s areal thing

Cd1 IUI#1

Well it’s here! So here we go!

I go in weds for a baseline ultrasound. My wife needs to order the sperm tomorrow.I’m trying not to get too crazy bc there are a lot of ways this can not work out.I’m least excited for when I ovulate on the wrong side. Then I feel robbed of a chance to even try.But here we go anyway! I am excited. Aaaaahhhhh!!