a journey to familyhood

32 Weeks!!

(I hope she’s cuter than this armadillo thing!)

Today i made my wife cry. The saddest, weeping, most heartbreaking crying ive heard in a long time.

Because i asked her if she made dinner.

Totally innocent, in passing comment, meant no harm at all, just curious. And now i feel like an asshole.

My poor peach.

The baby is apparantly very heavy, heavier every day. And she has also seemed to flipped into a kicking the lungs with her head mashed into lower bits position.

My wife has been so amazing through all of this, shes a tough. But these last few days have been especially hard for her. Shes still got plenty of weeks to go and i hope she finds her strength again, it breaks my heart to see her struggle and cry and be upset knowing i cant help her

31 weeks


It’s not done yet, but i can’t help but to share what we have done so far!!

  • Our shower this weekend was lovely! I was so happy that the weather held out and was warm and sunny!!
  • We didnt get the bathroom finished by the shower, but it’s getting close
  • My aunt and cousin made the elephant cake and my lovely bestie set up a headband station (she better like headbands, we have 1000 of them!)
  • I forgot to take a picture of all the books! We had a raffle for either coffee products or hair products and it was a success, baby got a lot of books with loving comments in them
  • We got bins, washed all of her clothes, organized them by size and put them all away!
  • We also stuffed all of our pocket diapers
  • My wife claims the crib needs 1 more coat of paint so she plans on doing that in the next day or so
  • Once the crib and changing table are dry we can fill it with diapers and finish setting up her room!!
  • For the 1st while she’ll be in our room of course, in a bassinet by the bed, and we have a changing pad
  • But her crib and dresser and such will still be in her room, for whenever we decide we’re/she’s ready. There’s plenty of room in our room, but still…im all for keeping the rooms seperate, even though i acknowledge that she doesnt need her own room atm
  • Im finally feeling a sense of relief over the amount of prep we’ve done today. Im one to nest, absolutely. My wife is less so. Shes also full of baby. I feel like i need this perhaps a little more than she does to feel more connected
  • We’ve done all the “things”…gender reveal party, baby shower. Oh yeah, we have to spend a whole saturday taking baby clases and finalizing our birthing plan.
  • Other than that, now we just…wait. all we need now is HER!!

29 Weeks

She passed!