a journey to familyhood

24 Weeks (pic overload)

(Kitchen before and during wallpaper removal)

(These shelves are my favorite part of the kitchen, i saw something similar on Pinterest and my lovely wife made them with reclaimed ooooold wood)

(Bathroom before)(yuck, carpet. Yuck walls)

(Bathroom during)(original hardwood!!)(omg i live in a disaster zone!)

I hope “after” pics will follow soon…..ish!! As much as i understand the ppl who say do one project at a time, i also have met us before!  We need to get all this stuff done and over with or we’ll never do it.

Also I’m planning for the nursery! I’m digging gray and mint and elephants! I don’t think i can paint chevron or even stripes but I’m excited for colors!!

Sooo that’s a gray plan for the kitchen,  bathroom AND babies room! Oh well, it’ll be great

23 Weeks

1. We bought a house!!!!! (Well, we will hopefully buy a house on Friday, bc why not have a maaaajor glitch that wasn’t our fault but could have seriously EFF”D us)

This is my mom’s living room. She and my bro live downstairs. The lady who lived here and her “friend” (hmmmmm…) did a LOT of work restoring the house to it’s original glory. Some of the rooms are way over the top. This room is actually toned down if you can believe it! We also removed a TON of gaudy fake ivy, layers and layers of heavy window drapes and disturbing cherub statues. Yikes. We added the sheer valences to help tie it all together. Now she just has to decide where she wants pictures.  

This is the only room i felt like decluttering for pictures lol.the rest have a lot of wallpaper and old fashiony detail. I’ll get to them eventually. 

We live upstairs with much less wallpaper and a nice blank slate to work with.  Actually i might have a pic of part of our kitchen. 

The 1st thing to change for us is to remove the carpet from the kitchen amd bathroom! Yuuuck!!

2) My Wife Has POPPED!! She hid that baby for a long time but daaaang, she is round and firm and perfect!!! Baby kicks her all the time, i haven’t felt her yet.  Idk when that happens but hopefully soon. My wife finally got some black maternity pants. It really hard for her to find any that fit bc she’s tall, but wearing maternity pants instead of sweats really accentuates that fat baby. I love the shit out of her (this picture does not do her bump justice)

**edited to add: I felt her kick for the 1st time!!! 3/16/17 12:17am aaaahhhhhh I’m so excited!!**

Weeks 21 & 22


20 weeks!

I can’t believe it’s finally 20 weeks! In all of my apps they ask “didn’t time just fly?!” No, not really. There are some moments where looking back sure it seems like it went quick, but for the most part it’s taking fooooorever! I’m trying to enjoy these days and moments and milestones bc i know down the road I won’t remember any of this and I’ll miss it.

WE FOUND OUT GENDER TODAY!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our gender reveal is Saturday, i couldn’t be more excited.

What a creepy/awesome lizard creature

19 weeks

We did the Ring Test, the Drano test, and the Chinese gender predictor…all say….


I have always been on Team Boy, most people, including my wife, are on Team Girl. She’s actually really disappointed.

And as my aunt said, the other 2 may be predictors,  but the Drano test is SCIENCE! 

Still hasn’t popped!